New Uptade : Stone Miner v2.8 (Mod Apk)

New Uptade : Idle Miner Tycoon v3.68.0 (Mod Apk Money)

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Idle Miner Tycoon

 Idle Miner Tycoon v3.68.0 (Mod Apk Money)  Automate your goldmine, manage your idle profits & become an industrial tycoon. Upgrade your empire and boost your economy! Hire managers to automate the process!
Come up with the fastest mining strategy and earn as much mineral as possible.

★ Use managers to automate your workflow and increase your idle income
★ Earn idle gold even while you’re offline
★ Invest smart and optimize your profits
★ Each manager has a special tycoon effect
★ Up to 4 different mines
★ 4 Types of minerals: Coal, Gold, Ruby and Diamond
★ Playable without an internet connection

??? Become the greatest gold tycoon ever! ???

Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

You can reach us via mail:
❤ Your Idle Miner Tycoon Team ❤

Idle Miner Tycoon
Idle Miner Tycoon
Idle Miner Tycoon
Idle Miner Tycoon
Idle Miner Tycoon
Idle Miner Tycoon

What’s modded :
1- Coins get bigger when you spend them!
2- You can buy boosters for super cash

How to install : Non-Rooted-Users – Signed

{.1.} – Backup your ingame data – to avoid data loss
{.2.} – Uninstall your current game
{.3.} – Download and install MOD


Idle Miner Tycoon v3.68.0 (Mod Apk Money) – DRİVE LİNK

Idle Miner Tycoon v3.68.0 (Mod Apk Money) – UPLOADED

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New Uptade : Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory, Life simulator miner v4.2.1 Mod Apk

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Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game

Oil Tycoon – Idle Clicker Game v4.2.1 Mod Apk Become an Oil Tycoon by managing your oil wells and your idle profit!
The turmoil history starts when you find an oil field in your backyard. You will be developing, purchasing new equipment, erecting new buildings, hiring guards and personnel, making deals with competitors, acquiring the skill of stock trading, buying new possessions and many other fun things.

An oil tycoon permits you to grasp the system of oil extraction turmoil from inside – from building your first well to selling raw material at exchange at real market prices.
By the virtue of modern graphics and a pleasant navigation in the game, oil extraction will bring a real sense of gratification.

And all that for the sake of oil and the world dominance! Get rich together with this game!
9 locations are represented in the release version of this game. A house, a desert, a sea, captured territory, the space, stock exchange, your island, Siberia, underwater station. All of them must be erected by you from the ground up.

Players are ranked so you can see how you stack up against others
Extract oil! Build your empire! Prove that you are the best!
Oil is the black gold of our planet – now it’s time for an oil rush turmoil!
Research, extract, get rich!

★ Automate your workflow to increase your idle income
★ Get idle cash, even when you are offline
★ Profit from a smart investment or two to boost your economy
★ Get Reputed and increase your reputation to make more money
★ Manage operations of the company
★ Prestige feature
★ Distribute oil to different territories
★ Awesome cool interactive elements for maximum fun
★ First hand simulation for becoming an Oil Tycoon

Credits –
– Polish language – Special thanks to Krzysztof Boniecki for helping us out!
– Russian language – Special thanks to Nikolajs Tumanovs for helping us out!
– Dutch language – Special thanks to Mathijs Hudepohl for helping us out!

We’re always listening to all feedback we receive! We want to make Oil Tycoon the absolute best Tycoon and idle/incremental turmoil game and your feedback helps us reach that goal. We read *everything* you send us, so please let us know what you’d like to see! 🙂

Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game
Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game
Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game
Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game
Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game
Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game


  • Unlimited Money
    Unlimited Gold
    (you can make purchases even if there is no money)


Oil Tycoon – Idle Clicker Game v4.2.1 Mod Apk – RACATY LINK

Oil Tycoon – Idle Clicker Game v4.2.1 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

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