New Uptade : 3D Platformer Super Bear Adventure v10.0.1 (Mod Apk)

New Uptade : Live Factory: 3D Platformer v14.0 (Mod Apk)

Live Factory: 3D Platformer

Live Factory: 3D Platformer v14.0 (Mod Apk) Run, jump, fix, explore, have fun and enjoy the game!


Explore an underground factory hidden from eyes, filled with dangers, secrets and spatial puzzles. Use your wits and reaction to reveal all the secrets!

Excellent 3D graphics and music will immerse you in the atmosphere at their best. Responsive controls will help you to run away from trouble and make accurate jumps to the intended goal.

• Interesting gameplay
• Unusual visual style and beautiful 3D graphics
• New game mechanics and situations during your passing through
• Offline. No network required – great for travelers
• Ability to save progress to the cloud
• 100% achievements is a challenge and will definitely take some time to beat.

• Support of Gamepad or Joystick
• Keyboard support
• Ability to customize controls by your wish

• Ability to change graphics quality to increase performance and raise FPS.

The first chapter is available for free! Test it up before buying.

Game with a soul
Live Factory: 3D Platformer
Live Factory: 3D Platformer
Live Factory: 3D Platformer
Live Factory: 3D Platformer
Live Factory: 3D Platformer

Mod features:
Purchased the full version of the game.


Live Factory: 3D Platformer v14.0 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Live Factory: 3D Platformer v14.0 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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New Uptade : KoA : Platformer Arcade Games v1.7.4 (Mod Apk)

KoA : Platformer Arcade Games

KoA : Platformer Arcade Games v1.7.4 (Mod Apk)

Welcome to kingdom of arcadia 2d pixel art, the fantasy retro platformer action arcade games. Explore the castles and dungeon with a legendary warrior with the heroic epic quest fight to win a villain mage and demons knight blades in a boss fight an adventure. They had no hope and it seems that everything was going to ruin but knight fight warrior master appeared! Do you like the challenges? If yes you have found new favorite game with kinght, adventure, boss fight in a retro arcade action platformer dungeon.

The legendary adventure warrior Sam, the fantasy an adventure knight begins to platformer explore and fight the castles and dungeon. Many boss fight await you on the platform, fight and exploration the 2d pixel art kingdom of arcadia. The epic mission to defeat the villain is no easy quest. Demons knight and mage lurk in every corner of the dungeon. Only the legendary warrior blades is prepared for this retro action platformer arcade games. Use the fantastic power for battle in a boss fight vs villain mage.

If you are looking for dungeon explore vast levels filled with secrets, quests and loot in retro games 2d pixel art or action platform games, Kingdom of Arcadia is for you. This fight game has been made for platformer fans and arcade action adventure games fans. You are a legendary adventure heroic knight and you move like a retro platformer jump on arcade action dungeon 2d game. The battle with a boss fight is very dificult but you are the beast knight in the castles.

Upgrade your warrior, buy weapons, buy better armor for your knight and new throwing weapons. Sam needs the best for his heroic 2d exploration platform and boss fight an adventure. Feel the magic of playing a platformer retro arcade machine of the 80-90’s and enjoy as that child again jump on platform in this epic action adventure platformer arcade games in the purest style of retro game.

Fly in a balloon, jump with your warrior knight from one vine to another, ride on mining wagons in the purest retro action platformer 2d style. Fluid movement. Jump platformer, boss fight, skill combinations and more in this heroic an adventure. Vibrant and colorful art, handmade animation, an easy-to-appreciate arcade world.

A mysterious castles and legendary dungeon platformer, dark villain mage threaten our warrior again. To defeat this terrible villain, Sam will again count on the help of his heroic sword platform. Collect coins to unlock blades and get incredible abilities to become an absolute knight in fight 2d action adventure games! Explore the dungeon and complete missions, kill a boss in adventure action retro 2d arcade games.

– Retro pixel art 2d.
– Epic action platformer arcade games.
– Explore 20 level for you an adventure platform.
– 20 secrets for discover exploration in dungeon and castles.
– 1 fantasy epic knight warrior fight blades. ¡YOU!
– 5 boss fight with mage villain, demons knight and more fight.
– A heroic difficulty platformer action adventure games.

Enjoy this 2d action adventure games and battle with a boss fight blades. This retro fantasy platformer with villain mage and demons knight on a dungeon castles. Explore levels filled with secrets. Break through knights, dark magicians, various creatures using magic. Are you ready to fight in battle game with a boss fight and villain mage demons? You are a epic knight in a platformer action adventure games. Can you survive the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendary treasure?

Wear the future knight warrior and armor, take a sword and other devastating weapons and go dungeon castles to eliminate enemies and a boss fight mage villain. It’s very easy, we made it in classic retro arcade style in platformer 2d action adventure games. Fantasy game in dungeon platformer castle.

Kingdom of Arcadia is a 2d pixel art, the fantasy retro platformer arcade 2d action adventure games knight blades fight with a boss created by an independent videogame studio with a passion for developing.

KoA : Platformer Arcade Games
KoA : Platformer Arcade Games
KoA : Platformer Arcade Games
KoA : Platformer Arcade Games
KoA : Platformer Arcade Games
KoA : Platformer Arcade Games

Mod features:
Enough gold coins are used more and more.


KoA : Platformer Arcade Games v1.7.4 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

KoA : Platformer Arcade Games v1.7.4 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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