New Uptade : Zombie Train: Survival games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk)

Zombie Train: Survival games

Zombie Train: Survival games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk) You are in the World of Zombie Apocalypse! Zombie virus has struck all life on the planet, left to survive after the apocalypse.
You need to move on a train, to get resources and craft everything you need for life, build a train bunker survival.
You must left to survive after the apocalypse.


✔ Hunting wild animal and zombies day survival
✔ Craft resources for survival
✔ Exciting and varied quests
✔ Search for items necessary for survival in abandoned cities
✔ Unkilled zombie boss fight
✔ Build and strengthen your shelter. Train your shelter games craft.
✔ Protect your base and yourself from the dangerous zombie apocalypse games
✔ Zombie multiplayer post-apocalyptic games
✔ Exciting storyline, hardcore and fight for the life after!

Zombie horror – survival games first person.
You must figure out the reason for the unexpected attack of the dead in prey day earth survival. You have to get to a safe place.

Upgrade your shelter – your safe zone. The train with which you will experience your survival in the post apocalyptic survival games. Around only world wasteland survival.
Last shelter survival train – all you have left. Fight for your life and your friends! Many dangers await you. Сathers your luck!

Move and collect resources for the state of survival in the world of the Zombie Apocalypse.
Craft workbenches for the production of materials, doz survival stations for processing resources, get materials in abandoned cities filled with zombie simulation. In base building games you can create many items.
Build a safe car house for survival with your friends, start playing zombie shooting games without internet!

Zombie invasion will wait for you in most places. The rules of survival: get ready at any time to launch an attack as if it were the last day on earth survival! Defending against zombies survival must be reliable. Collect resources and create the most powerful weapons, armor for your protection. This will help you kill the zombies from the weapon. In this live or die zombie survival game, it’s up to you. Don’t forget to create fuel for your train to avoid being among the crowd of survival zombies.
Improve your hunting skills to shoot zombies on their dawn of zombies!

You will explore many abandoned cities, dark forests, high dangerous mountains to stay alive. Mine and craft resources to surviving in the post-apocalypse world. Life after survival game. All locations are inhabited by deadly zombie enemies! Adventure, shooter and survival are everywhere.

In the world there is only you last of survival, your friends last survivor io and millions of appocalypse zombie. You have to repel crowds of zombies. Fight zombie bosses and you can crush the zombies that got in the way of your train! Look around 360 degrees!

Discover the 3D online zombie apocalypse simulator – Zombie bus – survival games!

You are the last one left alive: build a z shelter survival from zombies. Play simulator of animal translator, they can show danger!. Make new routes, craft weapons, shoot at zombies, and try to survive in the Zombie World.

Zombie train – survival games is a mobile online RPG game!
Join the online zombie game with your friends. Online survival games are the most popular! 👈

Customer Service https://playdarium.com/
Zombie Train: Survival games
Zombie Train: Survival games
Zombie Train: Survival games
Zombie Train: Survival games
Zombie Train: Survival games

Mod features:
Wave Survival paid game mode unlocked.

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


Zombie Train: Survival games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Zombie Train: Survival games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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New Uptade : Gun Battleground – Fire Games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk)

Gun Battleground - Fire Games

Gun Battleground – Fire Games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk) Gun Battleground – Fire Games

Welcome FPS shooting games lover in critical fps fire unknown battlegrounds. In this free firing & team squad shooting, you will complete a lot of missions as pro shooter 2021. Download this new non-stop action-packed war game 2021 in trending action. If you are a true lover of FPS squad commando shooting, this game is for you! You will be the bravest soldier on the enemy border.

Sniper skill! You can use real sniper gun weapons in this fire battleground game. Be the perfect gun shooter to aim & shoot! The free fire guide is added with the battle royal mode in army commando survival like open-world shooting games. In this crossfire survival, the last player alive will be the hero. Lead your crossfire squad to get the victory in this FPS battle 2021.

This game is the best strike sniper shooting game. Start your survival in free shooting games using modern weapons in this unknown battleground free gun game. Survival will become challenging. You are a lonely man that wants to be a survivor on the battleground.

Your mission starts as you step on the battleground in free games with thrilling shooting games free modes. Show your skills on the game as a brave sniper player of free gun games and join hands with top ff army games for survival in this most exciting battle royal games.

FPS shooter! Don’t let your gun fly away from you on the battleground. This game is all about the best fps games. In this free shooting, the mission does cross surgical strike to win in each level of gun shooter games. Lead your squad to do your honor. Become an ultimate fps commando in a battle game of gun games 2021.

Guns of ff model are ready for you! Prepare yourself to avoid shots fired during battle in action-packed shooting games free fps survival modes. Use different scope rifles like a sniper or shotgun and make the cleanest fire in gun games to get the highest scores.

Features of Gun Battleground – Fire Games:

* Clear impossible missions by avoiding shots fired and fire in different locations of maps.
* Gun games & unknown and real maps.
* Realistic fire and guns effects

Gun Battleground - Fire Games
Gun Battleground - Fire Games
Gun Battleground - Fire Games
Gun Battleground - Fire Games
Gun Battleground - Fire Games
Gun Battleground - Fire Games



Gun Battleground – Fire Games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Gun Battleground – Fire Games v1.8.0 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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New Uptade : Au 2 – Chuan Audition Mobile v18.0 (Mod Apk)

Au 2 - Chuan Audition Mobile

Au 2 – Chuan Audition Mobile v18.0 (Mod Apk) AU 2 – STANDARD AUDITION ON MOBILE

Different from other mobile dance fashion games on the market like, with Au 2 you will experience a virtual world of your own with extremely interesting missions. It is not only a world full of youthfulness, top dance music, but also a place to interact, interact and express yourself with unique features!

– With Au 2 you will be overwhelmed by the extremely rich fashion store with thousands of attractive wings and accessories. It will be cute anime style, luxurious style of life, noble lady style or dynamic hiphop.
– In particular, the 3D graphics in Au 2 are crisp, each outfit detail is carefully and meticulously invested. Elaborate fashion effects with sparkling images of jewelry, flying skirts when moving in the game will bring the most realistic feeling.
– Moreover, the items made in Vietnam from the legendary Audition PC version are constantly updated to Au 2, will definitely bring a sense of closeness to Au players.

– Au 2 is the latest mobile version of Audition in 2018. You will be able to participate in a world of music, dance, epic performances ready to become a true Au dancer.
– The most standard music quality today is smoothly combined with each dance mode to give players the best experience.

– The most high-class bars, modern amusement park will help you have the best time to hang out with friends.
– With unique positioning feature, easily identify your friends around easily.
– Diverse cute actions such as “back”, “kneeling”, “angry”, … extremely
cute helps you express your personality so different.

– Pairing regardless of gender, together loving love with a pairing ceremony on the romantic island, you will have a magnificent and extremely memorable wedding ceremony.
– Diverse variation with unique PET system, only ONE IN Au 2. Each cute PET will give you extremely special powers and your task is to “raise” the PET This grows really fast every day. When you reach a certain level, your PET will transform into costumes, mounts, effects … showing your level!
– Feel free to express yourself with the Idol Internship feature, you will experience the intense dance competition.
– Experience the miniature real world, cute anime images with various game areas such as Fashion Supermarket, Perfect Stage, Dancing, Ho Wish, …

Welcome to AU 2Au 2 - Chuẩn Audition Mobile
Au 2 - Chuẩn Audition Mobile
Au 2 - Chuẩn Audition Mobile
Au 2 - Chuẩn Audition Mobile
Au 2 - Chuẩn Audition Mobile
Au 2 - Chuẩn Audition Mobile


Mod Menu
>Always Perfect on Bubble Mode; autodances normal and double.
Hold-like miss if not tapped


Au 2 – Chuan Audition Mobile v18.0 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

Au 2 – Chuan Audition Mobile v18.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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