New Uptade : Idle Air Force Base v2.1.0 (Mod Apk)

Idle Air Force Base

Idle Air Force Base v2.1.0 (Mod Apk) Idle Air Force Base is the most fun idle game you’ll play this year! Feel the need for speed with this really fun, strategic military game where you’ve got to build up the finest Air Force in the world, so you can do battle, take cities and conquer countries!

As one ex-USA Air Force pilot said, “I find this idle game especially amusing and fun!”

You are the Air Marshall and the enemy is spreading across the world. You need to train your cadets to be fully qualified pilots over a serious of rigorous and tough training areas. From practicing ejector seats, to G-Force gyroscopes to bomb assembly to parachute training. Are you ready?!

Once your training is complete, your squadron will be ready to unleash an attack of drones, fighter jets, airships and warplanes. You don’t need to become a tycoon or be some kind of capitalist or billionaire, just the best at training troops and a strategist for war.

You have a full air force at your disposal with some awesome planes to unlock, fly and do battle with. Become a top gun with these mighty fine beasts of the sky:

RQ-4 Global Hawk
F-16 Fighting Falcon
A-10 Thunderbolt
C-130 Hercules
SR-71 Blackbird
F-35 Lightning II
B-2 Spirit
C-5 Galaxy

Compete in a series of battles and wars where you need to take out ground troops, enemy airfields, communication satellites, destroy cities and take out the capital.

Don’t bother being idle and going to the supermarket, hotel, water park, rollercoaster, just sign up to be a pilot and build your air force base to be the best in the world. Are you ready for adventure?

The Training Program ahead of you is extensive, tough, but fun!

EJECTOR SEAT – Emergency! Eject, eject, eject! The last chance to save your life so make sure you’re fully trained.

GYROSCOPE – Can you cope with the G-Force? Prepare your body to stay in control when you’re pulling some serious G.

GYM – You gotta be fit to be in our Air Force. So work it hard in the gym to be super fit.

BOMB ASSEMBLY TRAINING – There really is a right way to assemble a bomb. Learn well, or lose a few fingers.

WATER SURVIVAL – It’s not just the air you need to master. Make sure your squadron knows what to do in a crash landing.

PISTOL RANGE – Always be ready for hand-to-hand combat, this is war after all.

DRONE FLIGHT – Learn how to have an eye in every sky with the coolest drones in the air.

AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE – Those planes don’t just stay in good working order by themselves. Keep your spanner handy.

FREE FALLING – Who doesn’t want to fly? Get some wind in your hair and learn to control your fall.

MARSHALLING – Control which planes enter and exit the barracks

RAPPEL – Spring into action and with only the aid of a rope learn how to properly throw yourself out of a plane.

SIMULATOR – When all the training is done, the simulator will make sure your squad is ready for the wars to come.

So if you think you have what it takes to create the best air force base in the world, to unleash your awesome jets on the enemy, then download Idle Air Force Base now!
Idle Air Force Base
Idle Air Force Base
Idle Air Force Base
Idle Air Force Base
Idle Air Force Base

1. Free Upgrade
2. Free Purchase

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


Idle Air Force Base v2.1.0 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

Idle Air Force Base v2.1.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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New Uptade : Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel v2.10 (Mod Apk)

Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel

Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel v2.10 (Mod Apk) 🧠 If you like puzzle games like we do you’ll definitely adore the jigsaw Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel. Make the correct choice and save the girl Emily 🙎‍♀️.

Exciting storyline
It’s a narrative game with lots of levels and tricky tasks. Emily needs your help. You’ll need all your courage and mother wit to solve the puzzles . Poor girl tries to get through the hotel and faces different obstacles. She tries to escape the building and makes a lot of vital choices. We hope you will treat her well.

Fun and use
🕹 Playing Emily’s Dreams you spend a great time and train your brain. The game is free and available without internet connection. You can take Emily with you wherever you go. The levels are so varied and enthralling that there is no way to get bored. Our game is a perfect way to spend time pleasantly and usefully.

Unpredictable twists
🧐 In some games you might guess what’s next. But Emily is used to acting unpredictably. Level by level you’ll find out new jigsaws and puzzles. And it’s up to you to decide how to save the girl.

Family time
😴 Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel is a perfect game for cosy family evenings. When adults and children are tired from ordinary pastime you just call Emily and get rid of boredom. Story scapes games are always a good idea. Children might not only train in solving puzzles but also broaden their horizons.

Monotonous games are in the past. Exciting and clever jigsaw puzzles are always in your pocket.
Make a choice and find a way out. You never know which game is on Emily’s way.
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel
Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel


– Free Rewards


Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel v2.10 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel v2.10 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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New Uptade : AOD – Awakening of Dragon v2.1.0 (Mod Apk)

AOD - Awakening of Dragon

AOD – Awakening of Dragon v2.1.0 (Mod Apk) [New professional magic swordsman debut free full-time]
Blessed by the Holy Light, a new profession has emerged in Akasi. She is called the Magic Swordsman, has multiple displacements and high output, and controls magic and power at the same time. She is the incarnation of swiftness and a melee tyrant. All enemies locked by her will inevitably die in the shadows for the first time! There is also Dragon God’s Grace, and the new job transfer card allows the Destiny Lord to change jobs freely!

[Relics of the Holy War   ancient sacred outfits are now available]
Every ancient sacred battle is accompanied by the surging power of the gods. Now, with the opening of the door to the relics of the Holy War, the ancient sacred outfit reappears as Akath. After completing the tenth turn, the Destiny Lord can open the new system “Ancient Holy outfit” to increase the combat power and unlock the appearance of the holy outfit! Go, go to the ruins of the holy war, gather your own ancient sacred costumes, and let the fame of the Destiny resound in Akas!

[Full server vs. full server SVS world line scale battle]
This land of freedom faces a major battle at dawn. Countless worlds have risen here, but more worlds have fallen here. The dripping blood has swallowed the continent of Akas. Full server VS full server. Ten thousand VS 10,000, the world VS the world, if you don’t want to succumb, take up arms and fight to the death! The game’s first “SVS World Line Scale Battle”, the shocking tens of thousands of fierce battles bring the most hearty experience, players must fight against several worlds in the name of the world!

[Purebred hybrids are freely matched with the strongest dragonborn bloodline]
A torn world, blood and flames burning, ancient humans signed contracts with gods, established their own race, and unlocked unique bloodline skills! The game has a unique “create race” system, whether it is “pure blood” or “hybrid dragonborn” can be freely decided, dragons, dwarves, elves, demigods, feather men…thousands of races in the “Akas Continent” “Co-exist, ㄧ match with the strongest dragonborn bloodline!”

[Tuan hunting monsters   conceived thousands of dragon gods]
In the real ecological world, friends form hunting teams to fight huge monsters! The dragon represents absolute faith and power in “Akas Continent”. Legend has it that the proud dragon will never lower its noble head until the destiny holding the dragon soul sacred crystal appears in front of it…, the game has 1001 dragon gods are waiting for you to incubate, go to the dragon lair with your friends to grab the dragon eggs!

■The content of this game involves sex, violence, virtual love or marriage, and the characters in the game wear clothing that highlights sexual characteristics. According to the game software inter-management method, it is classified as supplementary level 15, and only those over 15 years old can use it.
■This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items
■Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time, and avoid indulging in the gameAOD龍之怒吼

1) Dumb Monsters

Install Steps:
1) Download modapk
2) Download obb from ps, apkpure or apkcombo
3) Make sure you place the obb in correct location Android/Obb
4) Install apk and enjoy
Please make sure overlay permission is set please for menu to load


AOD – Awakening of Dragon v2.1.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK


AOD – Awakening of Dragon v2.1.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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