New Uptade : Rockman X Dive v8.5.0 (Mod Apk)

Rockman X Dive Kr

Rockman X Dive v8.5.0 (Mod Apk) The newest side story of the classic game “Rockman X”!
Welcome the legendary X-Zero.

The world where Megaman X’s past game data is stored “Deep Log”

One day, in the deep log world, due to an error of unknown cause, the game data of 「Rockman X」 had an error.
Manipulate “X” and “Zero” legendary heroes to face the irregular!

•Perfectly realized the feeling of operation of Rockman.
Dash, jump, buster, saber, etc. You can experience all of “Rockman X”, and you can play more comfortably by adding convenience such as automatic aiming and 360-degree shooting!
The original “Rockman X” has been perfectly implemented, such as button size, size, and location that can be set to suit each person’s convenience!

•[Rockman X] previous characters participated in the war
By creating new textures and 3D modeling,
You can meet the characters from your memories in high quality!

Weapon & BOSS Crystal
Various new weapons have been added in addition to the representative weapons of “Rockman X”.
Defeat the BOSS and collect the crystal to absorb the BOSS skill as your weapon.
Complete your own colorful skill tree.

•Feel the pleasure of action in co-op/vs. mode.
The first “Co-op Stage” system to be tried in the “Rockman X” series!
Feel the fun of attacking the stage with your friends.

During 「Battle Mode」, control the character you have developed to defeat your opponent.
Several battle modes await your challenge.

*Rockman X Dive requires storage permission if users need to upload screenshots/albums.

Naver Official Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/rockmanxdive
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROCKMANXDiVE.KR록맨 X 다이브
록맨 X 다이브
록맨 X 다이브
록맨 X 다이브
록맨 X 다이브
록맨 X 다이브

MOD Features:
1. God Mode


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