New Uptade : Spoofing the Three Kingdoms v4.0.1 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode)

Spoofing the Three Kingdoms

Spoofing the Three Kingdoms v4.0.1 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode) 

The story of “Spoofing the Three Kingdoms” describes the changes in the history of the Three Kingdoms caused by the turbulence of time and space: in the battle of Chibi in 210 AD, Zhuge Liang took advantage of the west wind by mistake, Sun and Liu Lianhe were defeated and fled, and the protagonist also traveled back to this era because of the turbulence of time and space. With the help of the zodiac beast, the cat, in order to find the fragments of reincarnation to change the history of the Three Kingdoms and return to the right track, the hilarious journey of the Three Kingdoms started.

☆Traditional three-row stand☆
As a strategy card competitive mobile game, the choice of card lineup plays a big role! The traditional three-row stance: meat shield, damage and support are indispensable! Poison control, anti-injury, shielding, the combination and skill use of different generals can be combined to form countless combinations!
Special God will introduce:
✓Shen Pangtong: Spell attacker, the strongest BOSS predator in the game, known as [Fengchu], if you get this [Fengchu], you can be safe in the world! One of the indispensable combat powers in the battle of the clan and the demon king!
✓Shen Guan Yu: Physical attacker, can hurt or tank, specialize in defeating bloodless generals! Log in for a total of 30 days to get it!
✓ God Zhao Yun: Physical Attacker, Armored Assassin, Combat Power Explosion Table! The blood-stained robes are red, and who dares to compete with Dangyang!

☆Dual skills + real-time battle system☆
The game adopts “dual skills + real-time combat system”, and uses ATB energy to determine the character’s moves: “nirvana – flurry” and “awakening skills – unparalleled”, which together control the battlefield situation! In addition, it also cooperates with the accumulation of rage meter, and those with higher rage meter can get extra ATB energy. Whether in PVE and PVP gameplay, determining the character formation and the time to use dual skills to interrupt or defend against enemy movements is the essence of battle!

☆Have a variety of ways to play, never get boring ☆
【Single player】
Gossip Stone Formation, Climbing Hulao Pass, Hundred Herb Garden, Clearing the Stage, Touching Gold and Treasures; a variety of ways to play to meet the needs of the lord at one time!
【Legion gameplay】
Fight with your brothers to win the legion battle and enter the top legion!
【Cross-server gameplay】
Heroes dominate: Wei, Shu and Wu Qun, together with the lords of the same camp, dominate the Three Kingdoms together!
Battlefield of Glory: Compete with various lords across servers and strive for the first place!

☆Film-style plot performance + full voice system☆
For the cutscenes in the game, the characters have special gorgeous performances, from facial expressions to funny lines, they are all carefully designed. The game also uses a large number of real dubbing productions, the arrogant Zhao Yun, the cute and stuttering Zhang Fei, and the Japanese-speaking Zhuge Liang, all kinds of funny lines!

☆Customer Service Contact / FB Fan Page☆

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